Climate Chambers and Calorimeters

In a world that is rapidly trying to adapt to minimise Greenhouse Gas emissions, research into reducing the impact of intensive animal production and agriculture is crucial to the limiting of global temperature rises. Over a 20-year time horizon methane heats the atmosphere 86 times more efficiently than CO2, meaning reductions in methane output from animal rearing can have a significant impact towards agreed emission reduction targets. Being able to accurately measure animal outputs in a controlled and repeatable experimental grade environment is crucial to the advancement of this research field.

no pollution Industrial Systems’ agricultural chambers provide researchers with state-of-the-art, closed loop, climate-controlled facilities in which to conduct experiments. We supply complete systems from initial specification dependant on a customer’s experimental requirements, through design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing support. The ability to set temperature and humidity parameters, as well as recirculation and exhaust flow rates, mean the experimental conditions can be tailored for a broad range of requirements. Sampling options available include methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and ammonia.

Our History

Following are the most significant milestones in our recent history:

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