100% Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery and HVAC Systems

Many industrial processes require an energy input, and, once completed, most of these will still have some energy that could be useful, reused or repurposed. In times when energy efficiency has rightly become of utmost importance,  no pollution designs bespoke heat recovery systems which harness this “waste” energy as a source for your winter heating or for other industrial processes.

Let us recover your heat for you the easy way for real, quantifiable bottom line savings.

The waste heat from sound proofing enclosures installed on energy intensive processes can be transferred to fresh, clean incoming air, to be reintroduced into the factory environment instead of a conventional heating system.

A typical example is the cardboard industry, where the excess heat and moisture from the ventilation air used to keep the equipment from overheating, has to be expelled from the surrounding area. If this hot air is passed through our Heat Recovery Units, approximately 80% of the energy in the airflow can be recovered and transferred to a flow of clean air, taken from outside the plant.

The large amount of energy lost through expelling waste air directly to the atmosphere means that, if harnessed through our heat recovery systems, can save significant sums annually. The installation cost can be offset by saved energy costs in as little as 2-3 years

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