Our team of motivated engineers have years of experience in the design of complex mechanical and electrical assemblies, to serve industry and research institutes alike.

Any engineering challenge, whether a complex dust filtration system, a flow conditioner for an underwater current test tank or a precision gas monitoring and weighing system for livestock animals directly in the field, is tackled through a combination of previous experience, 3D modelling and FEM.

All aspects of a project are carefully considered, and the customer is guided from the initial steps, to the commissioning stage, in order to guarantee the fulfilment of all design criteria.

Some examples of projects our engineers have successfully worked on are:

  • Animal feed and water intake measuring system;
  • Multi-Gas analysis in calorimeter chamber systems;
  • Water current flow conditioners for test tanks;
  • Dust filtration systems;
  • Energy Optimisation of industrial processes

Our History

Following are the most significant milestones in our recent history:

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